Tess Tinies and Family Photos at Citizens Park

Some argue that a child’s personality and demeanor are a matter of nature. They were born with the personality they would grow into as an adult. Some argue that a child can be molded, and that parenting styles nurture whom the child becomes as an adult. I’m not sure what I think in the whole debate, but spending time with the Tess family made me think about the role that nature plays in a child’s personality. 1F1A0235

Each Tess child has such a distinct personality at such a young age. You have Maggie Tess who is by nature beautiful, doting, and thoughtful, and acts more like a 16 year old than a six year old. She is adorable and nurturing in her role as big sister.1F1A0197Then you have Charlie. Charlie is sweet as the day is long. He is energetic and imaginative, and looks up to his big sister for guidance and acceptance. He is patient and accepting of his little brother and is very inclusive. When we played games or came up with “plans”, Charlie asked me to wait until little George made it over to our huddle so he could be a part of the action.


And finally, we have George, darling little George. George has a permanent little glimmer in his eye, like he is ready and waiting for whatever plan his big brother and sister have brewing. When I asked Kelly to describe her three little ones, the adjective she came up with for George was “playful” and I couldn’t agree more. George makes everything light and joyful.


It was so much fun working with the Tess Family. Kelly and David were so pleasant to be around, the kids were a blast, and the whole energy was just contagious.1F1A0175 1F1A0226