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Things I love include but are not limited to:

French Bulldogs (esp ones named ferdinand)+soft pretzels at baseball stadiums+Florence, Italy+Halloween+running real far (not fast)+Indian food,Mexican food, all the food+holiday decorations+Madmen re-runs (thank god for Netflix)+breaaaddddd+school (if I could go back to college just to sit in CLASSES I would (pushes glasses up nose))+psychology and human behavior (this is getting real smart)+true crime (to spice things up)+candles+70s classic rock

The swans were making it realllllly personal.

The swans were making it realllllly personal.

So I used to be a teacher...

I attended DePaul University, majored in English, and spent two and a half glorious years as a high school English teacher at Lane Tech High School in Chicago.  Being a teacher, the summers provided time for me to pursue my passion projects with photography, and while I truly loved my students, I was restless in the classroom.  

I knew in my heart that I wanted to pursue photography, but was terrified of the ramifications of failure.  

After some time debating myself, I decided that starting my own photography business wasn’t something I wanted to do, but rather something I needed to do.  I made the big scary jump, quit my job, and never looked back.

And you know what?  I have never been happier.  I absolutely love what I do with my whole heart.

The best part is that my English degree wasn’t totally in vain.  In fact, there is a lot of creative crossover between writing and photography.  The end goal of both is to create a beautiful story.  I love getting to know my clients before their shoot in an effort to capture their very essence in every photograph. When you look back on your prints from your session, the photographs will reflect who you are, and your pictures will tell your story.




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