The Grand Golden Birthday or The Fischer Family Photos

So here is a family that is no stranger to this blog. You may recognize Miss Autumn from my instagram, Facebook page, and blog as my trusty summer sidekick. This girl just continues to grow right in front of my eyes, and I wish I could freeze her in her two-year-old awesomeness.

(P.S. this outfit is an Autumn Fischer original.  She just "wasn't feelin'" the perfectly laundered fall dress and Mary Janes her mom had picked out for her.)1F1A0239

But before Autumn, there was Julian. I met Julian when he was just three years old. I was his nanny my first summer out of college as I began the hunt for my first ever adult job. Julian and I spent our days reading up on dinosaurs (which consisted of me stumbling over dinosaur names, and Julian schooling me in all things prehistoric), visiting the library, and walking to the dog park. Fast forward and all of a sudden Julian is celebrating his seventh birthday, which also happens to be his GOLDEN birthday. It’s a big deal. He even found the key that unlocks all the amazing things golden birthdays have to offer like Lego sets, pizza dinners, and visits from the grandparents.1F1A0017 1F1A0025


I came to snap a few shots of the fam before the birthday celebrations commenced, and I think the pictures depict the personalities that make up the Fischer family perfectly.1F1A0102 1F1A0085