Eli and Graham + The Urgo Clan

Moments upon meeting the Urgo family, I knew that our session was going to be high energy and a lot of fun. Look at those little faces. These boys were anything but shy. They were camera ready and looking to have a good time.1F1A9249 1F1A8963The Urgos love family time. Marci and Mike genuinely love to be around their kids, and the feeling is mutual. They are such a sweet family unit. We spent so much of the session running around, playing sports, throwing leaves and laughing that before we knew it, an hour had flown by and it was time for my last shoot.1F1A9132 1F1A9041 1F1A8934




Eli is the big brother. He is three years old and is such a little lover. He loved getting in pictures with his mom and is so sweet and encouraging with his little brother Graham. Throughout the shoot, Eli was jonesin’ for his peanut butter crackers, and when he finally got them he immediately turned to me and offered one. Marci told me that he really likes to make other people happy, and I’d say he is successful. He is such a sweet boy.1F1A9201Then there is Graham. Graham is a ham, there is no better way to put that. He is totally the little brother-hilarious, feisty, and just down right adorable. You can tell that Graham likes to assert himself, and loves to hang with his big brother and dad. He wants to be treated like one of the guys, so if Eli is throwing a ball, Graham wants to throw a ball. If Eli is playing in the leaves, Graham isn’t far behind him. Flash forward fifteen years, and I can picture this dynamic duo as the life of the party. There is mad love between the two of them, and I loved capturing what that looks like at this point in their young lives.1F1A9021Mike and Marci are such great people to be around. Mike and I hit it off talking about the greatness that is the east coast, and Marci and I share the love for the Palmers (Marci and Amanda are sisters if you could not guess). When I began capturing the Urgos, I saw their story emerging. Their images show a family with an over abundance of love for one another, a playful spirit, and a joy found in simply being a family.1F1A9126 1F1A9154