Darling Dylan Palmer and Company

You may recognize darling little Dylan Palmer from numerous occasions.  She was my sweet model sidekick from way back when, the cutest cake smasher EVER, and now here she is again, just killin' it in her fur vest.  World, take notes, this girl has fashion sense for days.1F1A8626 The Palmers are such a special family to me. When I first started teaching at Lane Tech, Chris was my roommate, mentor, and friend. For any teacher readers, you know how valuable and treasured the Chris Palmers of the world are. Then I obviously met Amanda through Chris, and I remember thinking she's the type of person you feel like you have been friends with forever.  The Palmers are kind, hilarious, and just all around great to be around, and no subpar description of mine can possibly do them justice.1F1A8588Then you throw Dylan into the mix and my heart explodes. This little girl genuinely makes me smile when I see her, and, as evidenced by the photographs, it is clear that her parents like her just a little. Despite being a mere 15 months old, she totally has a personality all her own. It is so adorable to watch her reaction to people’s smiles and laughter, and she loves to add to conversations with her own little shrieks and baby babble. She really does bring so much joy wherever she happens to be. It makes me want to give her squeezes and take her around town with me. I know we would make tons of friends. I mean, just look at her.1F1A8374