A Day in the Life of Blake

When I first met Blake, she didn’t have what most kids have when it comes to meeting a strange adult.1F1A5525For those of you who have kids, work with kids, or interact with kids, you know what I am talking about; the mandatory warming up period that consists of several minutes of the child clinging to his or her parent in skepticism of this new strange being invading his or her space. I always try to be sensitive to that when I show up for a shoot, because my situation is probably one of the most unique interactions a toddler will ever experience with an adult (the whole weird camera thing in their face). So when I arrived at Blake’s house, I was ready to give her some space and allow her to warm up to the idea of me hanging out with her for the next couple of hours. However, her greeting surprised me. Blake came running to the door, took my hand, and led me outside to her bucket of sidewalk chalk. I learned very quickly that Blake was extremely trusting, extremely animated, and so very sweet.1F1A5550 1F1A5366Her mom and I decided that Chicago’s Botanic Garden in Glencoe would make for an interesting location for a shoot.   If you have never been, you must make a point to spend a morning or afternoon there. Especially if you are a Chicago based photographer, Chicago’s Botanic Garden is a gorgeous place to shoot. But I digress…

To start off her day, Blake likes to jam to her music. She really lets loose and does some balance beam work, some spinning and/or twirling, and some jumping. She also gets her legs moving with some sprints.1F1A5444



1F1A6180Once Blake is warmed up, it is time to take care of her baby. Blake is a nurturer, and when her baby cries, she knows just what to do. She shushes her and soothes her, and then lays her down in the dirt to take a nap. Then it is time to make some phone calls. First on her list is grandma. She discusses some very important matters and then before she knows it, it is time to go to work.1F1A5624



1F1A5602Blake takes her work very seriously. She puts on her cape, and sets out to bring justice to the people.1F1A5981

1F1A5971All of that justice bringing makes her thirsty. So we stop to share a coke. This is Blake’s first Coca-Cola experience, and I’d say she found it to be rather delightful.1F1A6553




After the Coke break, Blake is pretty beat. She’s in her afternoon slump, and the only cure is a nap. So she searches for the perfect place to rest her weary head, and finds a rather welcoming spot in the English Garden.

1F1A6121The only way to awaken Blake from her nap is by a kiss from Prince Charming (Stacy (Blake’s mom) plays this role rather adequately). All it takes is one kiss from Prince Charming, and Blake springs to attention.  Once awake, Blake remembers how hungry she is, and she decides it is time to head home for some lunch.1F1A5546



1F1A6107I had such a blast hanging out with Blake for the day. She has an infectious personality and a curious, creative mind that makes for some seriously entertaining moments.  She has a beautiful little soul.1F1A5565 1F1A5668