A Salute to the Garbage Man or A Morning with the Schuchs

Shenanigans with the Schuchs-if the pilot for this television show is not in the works already, it needs to be. 1F1A4797




Meet Timmy. Timmy is about to become a second time big brother to baby Schuch, who will make his or her debut in about three weeks. Timmy loves ninja turtles, jumping off of things, running, and smiling.  He also loves the great outdoors.  They live right down the street from the park, which Timmy told me is one of his favorite places in the WORLD (there was great emphasis placed on the world).  His mom, Kelli, tells me that he is the most thoughtful and loving boy ever, and I think I might agree.





Then there is Molli. Kelli said when Molli was little, Kelli nicknamed her “Nightmare” until grandma said that that nickname was a little mean, so now Molli is referred to as “the diva”.



1F1A4965But I must say, this girl is no ordinary diva. Girlfriend likes to run, jump, and twirl. She is fearless on the monkey bars and she likes taking her “roller coaster” out for a spin.


1F1A5048Put these two together, and stuff just starts to happen; for example, a 4th of July salute to the garbage man.1F1A5288




1F1A5203They think so very highly of the Arlington Heights Streets and Sanitation Department.1F1A5160I don’t think it is possible that there is ever a dull moment in the Schuch household. Baby number three is going to be an awesome addition to this twosome, and I cannot wait to see the personality on him or her. Because if there is anything the Schuch’s are lacking (which I don’t think there is), it is definitely NOT in the personality department.1F1A5342These kids were so much fun to hang out with and photograph.  I love my kid photography sessions because the kids literally come to play.  They aren't concerned with the way they look and they aren't uncomfortable being silly, so what results are these beautifully genuine shots of this fleeting moment in their lives.