Cake Smashing by Dylan Palmer

So many times cake smashes end up being a staged photo op as a memento of a baby’s first birthday celebration. I usually end up smearing frosting on the baby’s face and hands while cooing to get his or her attention. The baby likes the cake fine, but after a couple of neat finger licks; the baby has lost all interest in the delicious pastry in front of them. Such was not the case when it came to Dylan.1F1A7210Her first taste was hesitant because she seemed confused with what sat in front of her, but after one taste it was all over.1F1A6957Literally all over.1F1A7131She went after the cake face first, hands second, legs and feet third, hair fourth. That cake was smeared, thrown, and devoured. And she spent every minute smiling and squealing.1F1A7025



1F1A7197There is no way you could stand by and watch this without smiling. Dylan’s reaction to the whole thing was such genuine joy that it was hard to watch the whole thing and feel anything but genuine joy as well. Even strangers walking by would stop and watch for a few moments and smile. The energy was infectious.1F1A7146 1F1A7119



Dylan’s enthusiasm for new experiences is something I hope she carries with her for the rest of her life. I feel like her photographs are not only images of her first birthday, but also a representation of the kind of little person she is-enthusiastic, curious, and joyful. Happy birthday, little Dylan Palmer. Here’s to this one and many more.1F1A6589 1F1A6704