A Microbiologist, Mexican food, the beach, and a wedding.

What is there even to say about a place whose local weather hovers around 75 degrees and sunny? ** Well, lets start with it’s awesome, and I wouldn’t be upset if San Diego and I crossed paths again in the future.


We visited San Diego this past weekend for my close friend’s wedding. When she got engaged a little over a year ago, I asked her if she had a venue picked out and she said, “Yea, Torrey Pines in San Diego.” Then she became my best friend in the whole world and I went home to buy my plane ticket.

We rented an Air bnb space in Hillcrest that really made me question my decision to live in Chicago. Our host was the business. His name was Gene Levin and if you are ever staying in San Diego, go stay with him. He was a medical researcher in his day and now he teaches microbiology at the college level. He is also an avid swing dancer. Like I said, total boss.


Gene gave us a few places to visit while we were in Hillcrest. The first place we went to was El Cuervo, which was this Mexican restaurant that had the greatest/hottest salsa I have ever eaten. There is also this thing called a California burrito, which entails avocado AND french fries all rolled up in a burrito extravaganza. Not really my speed, but the San Diegoans adore it.

Then he told us to visit Donut Star. I’m no donut connoisseur, honestly I don’t even like donuts that much, but we went there twice in four days. One of those two times was at midnight because Donut Star is also open 24 hours a day/7 days a week. HILLCRESTTTTT.

We also ventured out of Hillcrest and went to OB. I feel so California when I refer to things in an abbreviated fashion. OB is this awesome little beach neighborhood where you see a lot of VWs and lots of peace and love. The neighborhood was filled with bright colored houses, lots of surfers, and again, so much Mexican food for the win. The water was also about 70 degrees (WE GET IT SAN DIEGO, YOU’RE PERFECT.). When we go back, we will totally be devoting more time to the OB.






When Matt and I travel, we TRAVEL. We like to take in all the sights and smells and whatnot by foot. When I used to wear my fitbit on trips, it would just break because the mileage was so high (that is untruthful, but we do walk quite a bit). While visiting, we walked to Mission Hills, the Midway District, Gaslamp Quarter, OB, and Balboa Park. Every neighborhood was unique, but with the laid back California flare.





Then there was that wedding which was the whole reason we were there. That wedding. I mean, it took place on an amazing golf course that butted up to the ocean. It was the most beautiful wedding I have ever attended. Britany was a downright stunning bride, Kyle was looking dapper per usual, and the party that followed the ceremony was California cool. It was such a memorable day, and Matt and I are beyond happy to have been invited to such a special event.



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**Correction: There is this “thing” called “June Gloom” and “May Gray” where it is cloudy for thirty seconds every day (exaggeration) and the residents of this beautiful, majestic place might only see the sun for a couple of hours a day.