Kruger Newbie

I had the pleasure of spending my Saturday morning with this little nugget, Jack. Jack was born just a few weeks ago on May 21st, 2015 to beaming parents Brittany and Evan. Being around this new family is the sweetest. I asked Brittany what her favorite part of being a new mom is and she said, “[I] love looking into his little face and feeling complete. It is a love I have never known until now. Getting to laugh at his new faces and sounds with Evan, and working together to care for Jack has brought us even closer. I love getting to parent Jack with Evan.” 1F1A3805


How sweet it is…



I also asked Brittany what she thought when she first laid eyes on Jack, to which she replied, “When I first saw Jack, I felt absolute love and happiness. He was just perfect. I could tell from Evan’s face that he was completely in love. Jack was perfect.”


As a photographer, I always seek to translate emotion into a photograph. I wanted to convey Brittany and Evan’s love and adoration for one another, as well as their unconditional love for the little guy. I utilized the beautiful, natural sunlight beaming in through the windows to give their photos a tranquil, angelic feel. I gave them some directive as far as posing goes, but I knew that I didn’t need to direct them much, because their interactions with one another were so much better than anything I could have posed.







Also, Evan is a San Franciscoan living in Chicago. He loves him some Giants baseball, and he is grooming the little mister to fall right into his dad’s footsteps.







Congrats, Brittany and Evan.  This little dude is perfect.