Here's to you.

Not too long ago I saw a commercial that addressed aging in such a refreshing way.  Each year you grow older means you are also living longer.  Age is not something to shy away from, but rather, something to celebrate.  This weekend we celebrated my gram's 91st birthday.  91.  Holy cow.  She has lived through a World War, the Great Depression, JFK and MLK's assassinations, 9/11, and our nation's first black president.  And I must say, she wears 91 better than anyone I know. 1F1A2963


My gram has always celebrated life.  My grandpa passed away suddenly when my gram was just a few months pregnant with my mom, her youngest of seven children.  This left my gram in a situation that was especially difficult.  With seven kids ranging in age from infant-14, she did the best that she could.  She was faced with decisions that were difficult, and juggled being both mom and dad with working-sometimes multiple jobs at once.

And yet, I've never met a person with the sort of blissful optimism with which my gram lives her life.



Her compassion and tolerance towards others is quite possibly the thing I love about her the most.  She truly sees the goodness in all people, and I've never heard her mention an unkind word about anyone.


I take that back.  Her sense of humor is her best asset.


Her birthday parties are a true testament to the kind of woman my gram is.  She has better turn out than a college kegger.  Friends and family members from all over the country come home to celebrate with her, and everyone stays talking and laughing with her for hours.


When I said "Happy Birthday" to her yesterday, she turned and looked at me and said, "I don't feel old.  I have never felt old.  Here, feel my muscles."  And let me tell ya, I hope I've got #gunslikegrams when I turn 91.





Here's to you, gram.  Beyonce's got nothin on you.