Tucker Schloemer 6 Months: First Year Series

This little lady-killer turns six months and the mohawk continues to be on point.1F1A0084Have you ever seen a more adorable sight?!1F1A0001 1F1A0045 1F1A0128Also, fun fact: Tuck has needed a mohawk trim. His hair seems to only want to sprout up top. I’m smitten. For the time being, he has a fancy little helmet he wears throughout the day. How awesome are the little Chicago details? I love it.1F1A0152 1F1A0147 1F1A0092 1F1A0277 1F1A0183 1F1A0109Tucker is such a sweetheart. I’ve only met the babe one other time, and the minute I saw him he was a-okay with me holding and playing with him. He’s a social butterfly. He is also such a snuggler. He loves to be held and hugged, and if you never put him down I don’t think you’d ever hear a peep out of him.1F1A0202 1F1A0121 1F1A0141 1F1A0181 1F1A0184I think his easy-going demeanor has a lot to do with who his parents are. Lindsay, Tuck’s mom, could not be easier going. Because she goes with the flow, Tucker goes with the flow. They are just the perfect pair. 1F1A0222 1F1A0189 1F1A0185Tucker is over the whole “crawling” thing. He’s good to just skip to walking, or just hitchin’ a ride on momma’s hip. His upper body strength is pretty remarkable. That kid can pull himself around like nobody’s business. I have a feeling that I might see him tearing around on two feet at his nine-month shoot. You will have to stay tuned to see…1F1A0137 1F1A0112 Until then, enjoy these eyelashes.