A Father’s Day Photo Shoot with the Patel Family

Ishani contacted me about a month before Father’s Day with an idea to surprise Amar with a photo shoot as a gift. She even went as far as disguising her payment with the memo “Thanks for the leggings!” so Amar wouldn’t suspect anything. Not only was I loving the effort put forth on Ishani’s end to make this Father’s Day special for Amar, I was so pumped to see this sweet family again. 1F1A0322 1F1A0361We headed over to the Chicago River Walk and hit up the Lyric Opera House for some pretty awesome backdrops. The weather was absolutely beautiful that day and Chicagoans were taking advantage of every ounce of sunlight. There were people boating on the river, eating outdoors at restaurants, and taking in all the sights. The city really has a pulse all its own and no matter how long I live here, being in the loop is always energizing and overwhelming all at once.1F1A0002 1F1A0049 1F1A0105 1F1A0108 1F1A0184Little Rohan seems to agree with me on my opinions of the loop. He was loving the sights and sounds and the hustle and bustle around him. Side note: the last time I saw little Ro he wasn’t even walking yet! Now look at him, cruising around on his own two feet giving his mom and dad a run for their money!1F1A0451 1F1A0433 1F1A0454 1F1A0274 1F1A0413 1F1A0202 1F1A0242 1F1A0263 1F1A0398Rohan is such a fun loving kid. He has a contagious energy that brings a smile to everyone’s face. The first time I met little Rohan was at his first birthday party. Every time he got excited, he would squeal and throw his arms up in the air. It was the most endearing and hilarious little sight, and it made me smile 10 out of 10 times. I was happy to see that spirit still thriving inside the little munchkin.1F1A0484 1F1A0369 1F1A0322 1F1A0127 1F1A0134 1F1A0132 1F1A0135Ishani and Amar not only truly love being Rohan’s parents, but they also love being parents together. Whenever I am around the three of them, laughter is abundant and life is sweet. I am so glad Ishani asked me to document such a happy time in their lives that I am sure they will look back on fondly for years to come.