Twins, Basil! Leila, Calie and the whole Burgess Clan

I don’t know what to claim as the coolest part of this dynamic duo-the fact that they are identical twins, or the fact that they are Hawaiian, OR the fact that they are fiercely funny? These girls are JUST amazing.1F1A0598-2This here is Leila. Leila is fearless, clever and full of sass. She is totally the ringleader in all dealings of mischief. She has a personality that is larger than Grant Park, and a spirit as free as can be. She has energy that stretches to the ends of the earth. Little lady is totally unstoppable.1F1A0833 1F1A0682 1F1A0680 1F1A0828 1F1A0823 1F1A0656 1F1A0499 1F1A0507Then there is Calie. Calie is just the sweetest little slice of heaven you will ever meet. She is friendly as they come and a mini little empath. At one point during our shoot, Miss Leila was quite upset. Calie hated seeing her sister that way, so she quietly drifted away and returned later with a flower she picked for Leila. She is full of love, hugs, and kisses all the time, and there is no one that she adores more in this world than her sissy. Calie is heart melting.1F1A0849 1F1A0677 1F1A0664 1F1A0621 1F1A0509 1F1A0410The two of them together are just the most adorable sight. They want to do whatever each other is doing and be wherever the other one is. Over the course of our shoot, there was laughter, tears, fights, and love. Coming from a house full of sisters myself, I couldn’t help but find great amounts of joy in observing their interactions. 1F1A0844 1F1A0661 1F1A0699 1F1A0693 1F1A0690 1F1A0598-2 1F1A0632 1F1A0618 1F1A0577 1F1A0593 1F1A0597 1F1A0574 1F1A0496 1F1A04231F1A08151F1A07641F1A07621F1A07541F1A07411F1A07231F1A07051F1A05981F1A05541F1A05461F1A05451F1A05441F1A0531There is no better way to spend a summer night than laughing until you fall over into the cool grass next to your sister. 1F1A0640