Hunter James Velasco, 6 Months: First Year Series

This little guy isn’t so little anymore! This sweet face turned a whole six months old, and he’s thinking about maybe skipping crawling all together and just going straight for walking.1F1A00671F1A02221F1A02241F1A00371F1A00611F1A0159Hunter was always a strong little babe. At three months he had the upper body strength of a six month old, and now he’s moving and grooving on those little legs of his. I’m not surprised in the least.1F1A0057 1F1A0074 1F1A01091F1A0004We decided to head over to the park right by Kelly and Rob’s house because for one, they’re MOVING! So exciting! And also because Hunter loves to spend his mornings chillin’ in the baby swing. Kelly is a teacher, so she is on summer vacation right now and loving the extra time she gets to spend with the munchkin.1F1A01731F1A0287 1F1A0290 1F1A0359 1F1A0360 1F1A0379 **When you're teething, mom's finger tastes pretty good.**

Rob is a fireman and a real trooper because when I got there Rob was just getting back from the firehouse, and he went straight from work to the park without missing a beat. Hunter adores Rob, and was really pumped to spend time at the park with mom and dad.1F1A0387How stunning is this family? Also, I love the red, white, and blue color coordination-the cutest patriots on the block.1F1A0244 Stay tuned for more from these cheeks!1F1A0134