If You Give a Baby Cake...Jack Kaminski Turns One!

Jack’s mom, Megan, and I go way back to my teaching days of yesteryear (read: like 3 years ago). Megan and I always had a great time in the classroom, and I certainly miss seeing her everyday, so I was so excited when she reached out to me for Jack’s one-year photos.1F1A0098Jack is TRULY the most animated one-year-old I’ve ever met. As I culled his images, I laughed to myself at just how large his personality is. He is such a hilarious little person and it’s clear his parents just adore him.1F1A0052 1F1A0075At one year old, Jack is on the move. He isn’t sure how he feels about grass, but he thinks soccer balls and sunglasses are pretty cool. Bubbles are also a magical thing in the world of a one year old, one second they’re there, and the next they’re gone…mind blown.1F1A0107 1F1A0121 1F1A0132 1F1A0201 1F1A0207 1F1A0193 1F1A0235 1F1A0242 1F1A0283If you give a one year old a cake…1F1A0382He’s probably going to stick his foot in it.1F1A0459If he sticks his foot in it…1F1A0448He will probably need a bath.1F1A0443Once he has his bath…1F1A0438He will probably want dinner.1F1A0435And after he has dinner,1F1A0428He will probably want more of that cake.1F1A0406Happy birthday Jack!