Full of Life: Vida Evans

Her name is Vida, which is a Spanish word for “life”.1F1A0068 And look at the life in those big brown eyes of hers.

Little Vida is such a trooper. For some reason, the weather gods were just not on our side for Vida’s one year session. After rescheduling a couple of times due to inclement weather, we settled on a Monday afternoon in Lincoln Park. The morning was beautiful, sunny skies and a nice warm breeze moving throughout the trees, but, as we Chicagoans know, the weather can change on a dime, and it did.1F1A0410It was unseasonably cool down by the lake, but little Vida braved it like a champ. The cool weather did not stop her from getting her groove on-girlfriend loves to dance. Her dad, Will, put on some music for her, and baby girl was ready to bailar. Her face lit up when she heard the familiar beats of her favorite songs.1F1A0040 1F1A0065 1F1A0171 1F1A0248

It was a very special occasion for Vida’s shoot. She recently turned one year old, and even had a Dog themed “pawty” to celebrate this major milestone, complete with temporary dog tattoos for all to share. It sounds like Vida threw the birthday pawty of the year.

Rebecca, Vida’s mama, warmed her up in between shots with the quilt Will’s great grandmother made. How gorgeous is that knit blanket? Vida loves the company of her mama, and I think the feeling is mutual.1F1A0352

Vida is heart warmingly sweet. She loves to sing “Patty Cake”, clap her hands, and celebrate life. Her parents could not have picked a better name to suit her personality. I so enjoyed being around the Evans family. Rebecca and Will are just good, sweet people, and Vida is a bundle of warm light.1F1A0397