Becksican Fiesta! Beckett Michalsen Turns One!

This little munchkin turned ONE! I cannot believe that it has been a WHOLE YEAR since this sweet face made his first appearance weighing 7lbs 7 oz. on 7/7! He’s been a lucky little thing from the start. I have taken so much pleasure in documenting his first year and watching him grow into the amazing little human he is today. At one year old, Beckett is the most expressive child I have ever met. He has a smile that may literally stretch from ear to ear, and eyes that shine bright with joy. His laugh ignites laughter from anyone within earshot, and his happiness fills every room in the Michalsen house. I have come to look forward to my visits every three months with little Becks, and I feel like the little mister will continue to fill everyone’s lives with pure happiness.1F1A0221WHERE does the time go?!1F1A84121F1A0175It’s fun to document Meredith and Brian’s relationship with Beckett over the past year as well. Looking back at Beckett’s newborn shoot, it’s awesome to read about Meredith and Brian as days old parents, and then watch them in action a year later. In his newborn piece, I described Beckett’s bond with Meredith. He loved and was soothed by the sound of her voice. Nothing about that has changed. Beckett sure does love his momma, the only difference between then and now is Beckett’s mobility. Anywhere Meredith is, Beckett scoots to be by her side. And Brian and Beckett are still best buds. I have never seen a baby laugh harder at his father than Beckett does at Brian. It’s just such a great laugh, too. I stand by my prediction that those two will be partners in crime. 1F1A0103 1F1A0196 1F1A0193 1F1A0179 1F1A0114Meredith and Brian have set the bar HIGH on Beckett’s first birthday. I must say, Becksican Fiesta is one of the cleverest themes I’ve ever seen for a first birthday. And who doesn’t love Mexican food, drink, and festivity? Brian and Meredith didn’t cut any corners either. There was a full taco bar, margaritas, piñata, and sombreros for all. The week before the party, Meredith said she had a long car ride home and access to Amazon Prime, so there were no Ts left uncrossed for this event. Beckett is one lucky kid to have such awesome parents.1F1A0007 1F1A0001 1F1A0065 1F1A0356 1F1A0397 1F1A0405 1F1A0421 1F1A0654 1F1A0707Side note...Sir Beckett looked down upon the cake smash.  At first he enjoyed the pageantry...1F1A0436 1F1A04491F1A04551F1A0456And then things escalated quickly...1F1A0457 1F1A0461 1F1A0463 1F1A0464 1F1A0465 1F1A0467 1F1A0483 1F1A0485 1F1A0490Once we figured out that all he wanted for his first birthday was tortilla chips, Sir Beckett was a happy baby.1F1A0626And just like that, a year has flown by and Mr. Beckett is on to new adventures. Feliz Cumpleaños, Beckett!