If My Mom Had It Her Way: Maisie Needham

If my mom had it her way, you would be reading the Lucy Shimon Photography blog, and my youngest sister would be Maisie rather than Brooke. My mom tells me my name story quite often, and until this newborn session, I had never come across another Maisie or really ever heard the name outside of my mom’s Top Favorite Names Ever list. When Hannah, Maisie’s mom, reached out to me for a newborn shoot for baby Maisie, I called my mom right away. I knew the fact that I was shooting a baby Maisie was going to be big news for her. And I was not wrong. She proceeded to retell the story of how much LOVES the name Maisie.maisie19Pair the name with the images of this little nugget, and I think my mom gave some thought as to how to go about legally changing the name of my 23 year old sister Brooke to Maisie. Not really, but you get the point.maisie17When I got to the Needham residence, Maisie was asleep in Hannah’s arms. We got her all swaddled and comfy in the basket, and she had herself a nice little nap. Maisie has the most perfect, doll like features. Her little bow-lips do a little twitch while she dreams, and her arms lay resting above her head as her reminder to the world that she is mighty. And, how could I possibly talk about her features and skip over dose cheeks.1F1A0336After a brief nap, Maisie was ready to socialize. We all sat attentive while Maisie entertained us with her coos, facial expressions, and precious smiles. Wes, Maisie’s dad, is particularly gifted when it comes to coaxing a smile out of the mini. She sees his face and hears his voice and, boom, ear to ear grin. It probably doesn’t hurt that Wes is an actor and an all around funny human being.1F1A0264With these facial expressions, maybe Maisie has acting in her future.1F1A0314 1F1A0321 1F1A0331 1F1A0337Maisie loves her momma. She seems to instantly relax when Hannah holds her, and Hannah and Wes are just a dynamic parenting duo. Between the two of them, Maisie will never be short of love or laughter.1F1A0389-2 1F1A0405Stay tuned for more from this blue-eyed beauty. We are rather fond of her over here at SSP.1F1A0416