Save The Due Date!

I had just landed in LA when I received an email from Dave about wanting to do a creative photo shoot for a Save the Date with his fiancé, Jill. The words “creative” and “shoot” made me perk up so fast it’s a miracle I didn’t pull a muscle. I was all ears. When I spoke with Dave about their creative vision for the shoot, Dave revealed that this was going to be a combinatory Save the Date because there was more than one date to be saved. They were also expecting their first child come November, and they wanted to surprise their friends with a “Save the Due Date” announcement. So we’re dealing with weddings AND babies?! The only way this could possibly get better is if we were to incorporate puppies…

When I was speaking with Dave, he described Jill as a flower-child, free spirit kind of gal. Basically, Jill and I speak the same language.   Jill and Dave had two visions for their shoot. The first vision involved mural street art depicting pregnancy, family, or children of some sort. So I hit the streets of Pilsen, which is famous for his beautiful street art stretching blocks of the west side neighborhood, to try and make that vision come to fruition. The “love” sign featured in their shots is actually in Bucktown on Damen right by the highway. The second vision involved a pale yellow vintage bicycle followed by a little red trike, AND A PUPPY NAMED MR. BITTERS. YOU GUYS. BABIES. WEDDINGS. PUPPIES.

1F1A0236lovesign2 lovesign1 1F1A0860So I was sort of excited.

And I hadn’t even met Jill and Dave yet.

We decided to meet at Humboldt Park for the bike shot first. Dave arrived first and Jill got there shortly after. Jill reminds me of a mini Kelly Ripa. She’s this tiny little thing with energy for days, bright blonde hair, and sparkling blue eyes. She’s always smiling and truly up for anything.

Jill spotted our meadow full of dandelions and her face lit up.

“What if I walked through that meadow barefoot? I love it!”

1F1A0464Jillllllllllllll! I knew our shoot would not be lacking in personality or originality upon meeting Jill.

Dave is the perfect counterpart for Jill. He is mild mannered, light-hearted, and also up for anything. They are both so excited for this next chapter in their lives and it shows so perfectly in their images.1F1A0260 1F1A0506 1F1A0541 1F1A0559 1F1A0586 1F1A0594 1F1A0644 1F1A0737 1F1A0771 1F1A0796

I loved spending my evening shooting this beautiful couple, and I am so excited to celebrate these monumental life events with them.