Setting the Bar: A Maternity Shoot

The first time I met Meghan, she came bouncing out the front door of her Ukrainian Village home to bring me a parking pass before our session.  She was as friendly and energetic as can be, and I had a feeling that our session was going to be a fun one.  Uncool people don’t run out in the pouring rain after getting all dolled up for their maternity shoot to bring the photographer a parking pass.  They just don’t.1F1A1080Meghan and Brian are the type of people you meet and instantly like.  It’s a very unique and intangible trait, and they both have it, which totally explains how they found each other.  It’s hard to explain, but I’ll try.1F1A1048Meghan is the go-with-the-flow, up-for-anything type of girl you need in a friend and want to be more like.  Laughter comes easily and abundantly when you are around her, and her light hearted disposition makes all things a joyful occasion.1F1A0390Brian is charismatic and funny, which explains why laughter fills every crook, corner, and corridor of their home, and further illustrates how dynamic these two are as a couple.  They are two of the happiest, nicest people you will ever meet.1F1A0385It was so fun to capture their story on camera.  The affection and adoration they show towards one another makes for breathtaking images.  They are so excited to become parents and meet little Baby Bar, and this genuine excitement translated perfectly in their photographs.1F1A0042 1F1A0223 1F1A0815 1F1A08611F1A09681F1A0933 1F1A1199Meghan has a beauty and gracefulness to her that extends beyond her physical appearance.  It is a glow literally from the inside out.  She is absolutely radiant.1F1A0335 1F1A0338 1F1A1077 1F1A1098Though my time with the Bars was brief, I can tell that they will be parental pros.  I have no doubt about it.  The enthusiasm they have for life, the kindness they have for others, and the love they share is a recipe for the utmost success.  This baby is one lucky little fella or doll (they aren’t finding out the gender, so exciting!) to be raised by such stellar human beings.  I can’t wait to meet Baby Bar!1F1A1102 Also, major shout out to big brother, Otis.  I am sure Baby Bar is going to have many an adventure with Otis, and I think Otis is going to be quite enamored with his new partner in crime.  Otis was such a good little guy during our shoot.1F1A0148 1F1A0914 1F1A0379 1F1A0290 1F1A0228 1F1A0199 1F1A0890