It All Started with M&Ms: The Walchli Family

Where to begin. I’ve known Karly for all of my conscious life. She is an adopted member of our family, as is her older sister, Kelli, whose kids were featured on this blog last July. Karly used to babysit my sisters and I back when we would do things such as climb trees, make up ridiculous dances, and flush M&Ms down the toilet (and blame it on Brooke since she couldn’t talk yet). So to see Karly as a mother makes my life complete.1F1A0003This here is Ben. Ben loves to be on.the.move. His best friend is a 6-year-old named Michael who lives next door.  When Ben fires up the bubble machine, Michael knows that's his cue to come out and play.  Michael just gets it. Ben has Winnie the Pooh episodes memorized, the sickest dance moves you’ve never seen, and, oh yeah, he just became a big brother.1F1A0309

1F1A0314He has mixed feelings about this.1F1A0282-2But he actually really loves her a lot.1F1A0276Charlotte was born ON Valentine’s Day. You can’t get much sweeter than that. She made a pretty epic entrance seeing as though we weren’t expecting her for another two weeks or so, but she didn’t care. She was ready for the world.1F1A0244Those baby blues.1F1A0095Karly likes her just a little bit.1F1A0176-2And Mike tolerates her too.1F1A0112 1F1A0199-2

I must say, hanging out with the Walchli’s is endlessly entertaining. I can’t wait to witness the hijinx that will inevitably take place between these two.  1F1A0211 1F1A0328