First Year Series: Hunter James, 3 months

Remember this little nugget?1F1A0247 1F1A0331I feel like the time that passes between newborns and three month old sessions is just so huge.  The last time I saw this little munchkin, I could fit him IN A STOCKING.  Now, he barely fits in my basket.1F1A0090





He is SUCH an expressive little guy.  He loves to cuddle with his momma and smile and make faces at his dad.  Kelly and Rob are such doting and loving parents.  I knew that they would be when I first saw them as four day old parents, but they are just so great with little Hunter.  Kelly could not be more in love with that little boy, and lets stop for a second...1F1A0207She had a baby three months ago.  No big deal.  Momma is gorgeous.1F1A0306

1F1A0328But back to the three of them...1F1A0257




1F1A0378Honestly, every time I do a shoot with the Velascos I say, "just be", and this is what I get out of their resting family state.  1F1A0150Pure bliss.

Stay tuned for the little man at six months.  I bet you are in for some surprises.