Hangin' with Monkey and Mouse

This here's Vayda, but you can call her Mouse.1F1A0078She can recount EVERY plot detail from Frozen.  She loves the color purple, and the gold flecks in her big green eyes reflect the precious metal that makes up her heart.  She has a Little Mermaid themed bedroom, which still makes my 26-year-old self very jealous.  The thing I love most about Vayda is that she talks to you like you are her peer.  She tells you these animated stories about the kids in her class like you're her best friend.  She's totally my girlfriend.  I loved hanging with her. 1F1A0032 1F1A0057


1F1A0165Mouse plays a very important role in her family, and that role is big sister to this face.1F1A0079This here is Isaiah Wolfgang-destined to be a creative with a name like that.  He is one COOL two-year-old.  But, like his sister, he goes by Monkey.  He is a total lady killer and doesn't miss a beat (as evidenced by the cookie in his hand at the end of the shoot, total charmer).  He LOVES being anywhere and everywhere big "thister" is, and I could watch the two of them interact all day long.  It's awesome.  He is such a little lover.1F1A0158 1F1A0096








1F1A0172You can't help but laugh until your stomach hurts when you are around these two.  Stay tuned, because this will not be the last adventure of Mouse and Monkey documented here on the blog.