Jack Turns One!

If you have ever lived in Chicago through all four seasons then you know the first day warm weather hits after a typical winter, people go nuts. Including myself. All out crazy. This weekend was absolutely gorgeous-70 and sunny all day Saturday and Sunday. And, I just so happened to be lucky enough to have booked a pretty special shoot. This little guy belongs to a dear friend of mine I know from way back in our high school days. Yeesh.   It’s so funny to think of what the high school version of ourselves would think if they knew the lives we were leading right now…I’m sure there would be a lot of squealing and hugging if we had any idea that this little face would be in the picture. I love it.1F1A0495

STOP THE CLOCKS, PLEASE!1F1A38741F1A0497Actually, don’t. Watching him grow is honestly amazing. He has such a little personality on him. He loves to “talk” and dance. Dis guy has got MOVES. Turn on the song “Smooth Sailing” and step back, because he brings it every time. Brit and Evan brought a little speaker with to the shoot. The second he starts to fuss the music goes on, his one little leg catches the beat, and before you know it he’s movin’ and groovin’ with a smile on his face. He is the life of the party.1F1A0659Just like his momma, this little guy is fiercely independent. He doesn’t need ANYBODY’S hand when he’s walking. He’s GOT dis. He can take care of himself! 1F1A0468

1F1A0509But, there are times when he just simply needs his momma. And she’s right there waiting to love on him. 1F1A0778 1F1A0549 1F1A0529 1F1A0531They like each other just a little bit. Jack is Evan’s little buddy. Everything Evan does, Jack finds hilarious and will sometimes try to mimic.1F1A0720Exhibit A.1F1A0569


Evan was my best prop for catching Jack’s attention and getting him to laugh.  Is Jack not the best mix of his parents?! Check out his eye color-a true mix of Brit’s eye color and Evan’s eye color. Genetics.  Crazy.1F1A0562

I think this family is sort of adorable and I love them all to bits. Happy birthday, little Jack man! Keep rockin’.1F1A0508