Tucker James, You Stole My Heart

I almost feel like this post doesn’t need words, maybe simply questions. For example: Are you in love yet?


How about now?1F1A0089This little guy is sweet as honey. His name is Tucker James, and he was born December 4th, ,2015. He was born with that Mohawk, and he totally rocks it.1F1A0104

I am fascinated by the whole nature vs. nurture debate, as I believe I have discussed on this very blog before. I go back and forth between what I think shapes us more-nature or nurture-but I do believe that we are born with certain dispositions and personalities straight out the gate.1F1A0093 1F1A0008



Tucker’s personality makes me want to sneak him into my gear bag and never bring him back. No, I do not condone child abduction, but that is how absolutely adorable he is. The minute I met him, he had this giant ear to ear gummy grin that said something like, “I AM SO HAPPY YOU CAME TO TAKE MY PICTURES TODAY! YOU’RE SO GREAT!” He is-quite literally-a bundle of joy in every sense of the term.

When you meet Tucker’s mom, Lindsay, you kind of get an idea about where his laid back disposition comes from. She is about as easy going as it gets. And there’s no doubt about the way Tucker feels about Lindsay. He’s totally in love and obsessed with his momma, and I must say, after spending an afternoon with the two of them, Lindsay is equally as in love with her little guy.1F1A0130

1F1A0186There are so many reasons I love lifestyle shoots, but one thing that gets me every single time I shoot one are these quiet, transformative moments where I catch the mother taking a breath, gazing at her baby, in awe of the life in front of her. She is completely and totally present in the moment, and it is like time has stopped for the two of them. The baby gazes up at his mother’s face or her hands, and grasps his little fingers around her pointer finger. He is forming his views of this new world he has entered into, and though he may not be able to make sense of much yet, he knows that he feels completely and totally loved by this woman.1F1A0143


To be fair, there was a baby in the house before Tucker was born, and according to Lindsay, he is having a rough time transitioning from only child to big brother...1F1A0001

Although, I think in due time these two will grow to be the best of friends.


Tucker James, you are such a heart breaker already, and I cannot wait to squeeze see you at your six month shoot!1F1A0003