Itty Bitty Pretty One

This right here is the newest addition to my family, the tiny but mighty Nixon Michelle Heavey.1F1A0164She surprised everyone arriving roughly five weeks early on January 4th, 2016. She was ready to ring in the New Year and make her appearance, but this meant spending some time in the NICU. She spent a few weeks getting her lungs and immune system ready so that she could transition home.1F1A0100If only she knew who was waiting for her…1F1A0058…the most doting big sister on the block.1F1A0045 1F1A0077-2Erik, Nixon and Thalia’s “papi”, says Nixon has had minimal personal space since arriving home. Thalia is a very attentive big sister. 1F1A0143-2


Watching Thalia interact with Nixon warms my heart. From what I’ve been told, Thalia’s protective, proud nature as big sister is very similar to how I was with my own little sisters. I can only imagine Thalia and Nixon someday sharing the same bond that my sisters and I share. 1F1A0139-2



I can picture a lot of scheming, a lot of forts, a lot of adventures, a lot of fights, a lot of clothes “borrowing”, a lot of laughs, a lot of mischief, and a whole lotta love. Nixon will be the first person to “ride shotgun” in the car when Thalia gets her license, and Thalia will let Nixon borrow her jewelry to wear to Homecoming ONLY IF she gets it back at 10:01 after the dance ends at 10:00. They will be each other’s confidant knowing that they can share everything with one another without fear of judgment. Thalia’s friends will look out for Nixon, and Nixon will always stick up for big sister. Because that’s what sisters do.1F1A0154-2Erik is now outnumbered. He was outnumbered when Thalia came along, but now the household is 75% female. I have to say, I don’t think he hates it. Erik came home for lunch during the shoot and Thalia could hardly contain her excitement. She knows that when Papi is around, hijinks ensue. There is a lot of dancing, joking, and “sniffing” the baby. You know that sweet baby smell.1F1A03371F1A0331-2



1F1A0272-2And Amy now has two built in amigas. Thalia adores her mom. Those big brown eyes are glued to Amy’s every move. It’s adorable. She wants to lend a hand with whatever Amy may need. If Amy feeds the baby, Thalia is right there ready to fetch whatever is needed. If Amy holds the baby, Thalia sits on the other lap.  And Nixon is quite literally attached to Amy's hip.  Can't ask for a better BFF if you ask me.amyandtiny3-2amyandtiny4-2

1F1A0203-2Fun fact(s), Amy is half Chinese, speaks fluent Spanish, and has raised Thalia (and I’m sure Nixon) bilingual. So Nixon and Thalia are a quarter Chinese and will speak Spanish. I love it.  I can’t wait to see Nixon grow, even though she is pretty cute being a tiny tiny. Growing up a Heavey, Nixon will never wonder whether or not she is loved.1F1A0359

1F1A0345-2Welcome to the world, “baby Nitsen”.1F1A0120