Eli and The Big Tree

This guy is no stranger to my blog or the camera. For those of you who have followed my blog for a while (hi, mom), you probably recognize Eli. He’s a doll as is evidenced by his porcelain skin and eyelashes for days.1F1A0124Eli’s momma is my friend, Val, and she had a birthday coming up, so Scott (Eli’s dad) and I planned a secret photo session for the ultimate.birthday.present.1F1A0106 1F1A0161Who wouldn’t love pictures of this face, though?1F1A0170Honestly.1F1A0022

We went to the Garfield Park Conservatory in Chicago’s Garfield Park neighborhood. If you have never been there, and even semi-enjoy plants and nature, you need to check this place out. Not only is the lighting a photographer’s dream, it is one of the largest conservatories both in Chicago and the nation.1F1A0140I can thank Eli for my positive experience at the Garfield Park Conservatory. This was my first time venturing through, and he was a very enthusiastic tour guide.  He even took me to "the big tree" which is the biggest (and I think oldest?) tree in the conservatory.  It was awesome.1F1A0041Eli turns two in April, which just blows my mind. I remember holding his miniature little body just days after he was born, and now he runs circles around me. He talks, tells great stories, and loves to get people up and dancing. He is such a charmer.1F1A0118So, Val, from Eli and me happy birthday! I hope this year is the best yet.