Becks is Back

Beckett is six months old. Six. Months. Old.1F1A0006-Edit-EditThis feels like yesterday.1F1A8412Every time I leave a “First Year” session, I am always a little speechless. It is really something to be invited to document such a monumental life event. With my job, I get to experience what instantaneous, unconditional love looks like. A parent’s love for their child is instinctual. It is amazing to be able to photograph that bond.1F1A0280I knew Meredith briefly before she had Beckett, so I’m not sure what her single womanhood was like, but I know motherhood is as natural to her as breathing.1F1A0189

When photographing Meredith with Beckett, there are these amazing moments in between frames when Meredith talks to Beckett, and Beckett babbles back as if they share a secret language. The joy that Beckett brings Meredith is unparalleled, but, I must say, Beckett’s charm works on a wide range of people.1F1A0367He turns the charm on…1F1A0127And is sure to never turn the charm off…1F1A0086For some reason, I feel like Beckett may be several people’s Valentine this year.1F1A0040 1F1A0317






Years down the road, I picture Brian and Beckett going on camping trips, baseball games, and road trips together. This may sound funny, but hear me out. They are buddies. Brian and Beckett have such similar laid back demeanors. Brian knows how to get these great, full, belly laughs out of Beckett, and Beckett LOVES to be around Brian. It is an enviable father-son relationship.1F1A0199 1F1A0207



I really love watching the three of them develop and flourish in their new roles. Beckett’s development is visually apparent with each month that passes, and Meredith and Brian seem completely in their element as partners in this thing called parenthood.1F1A0391


Until next time,