Why Your Photos Need a Home

Lately, I feel like there has been less love for the wedding album.  I've heard things like,

"I feel like I'll never look at an album."

"Yeaaaa, that's okay.  I keep all my pictures on my computer anyway."

"Um, maybe later." (Spoiler--I don't think I've had a single client who says they will print their pictures later end up doing so.)

Guys,  this makes my heart hurt.  


We are about to get a little personal.  Ready?  Okay.

About a year ago, my husband's grandmother passed away.  At the wake, they had his grandparents' wedding album on display.  I spent some time looking through the images, carefully turning the pages seeing faces that were vaguely familiar, some that I had never met, and others that were no longer with us.  Even back in the day, the wedding album was a piece of art.  It served as both a memento and documentation of one beautiful October day, and the album brought comfort and happiness in a time of immense sadness.  The photographer took the time to tell the story of that day through the images chosen to be a part of the book and the order in which they appeared.  It was amazing to be able to witness the day all over again, and something about physically touching the images and turning the pages brought it to life in a way that cannot be achieved digitally.

I've shared with you a couple of times about my gram's battle with dementia.  Know what brings her back to us?  Photographs.  Especially those from her wedding day.  Nothing makes her happier than holding onto images from that day and reminiscing about the people who were there.  You think The Notebook is adorable?  You've never sat with my gram while she looks at pictures of my grandpa and recalls their story.  


I just recently created my wedding album.  It took me over a year and a half to choose the perfect photos to include, but I finally did it and it is on the way.  I can't wait to take it out each year on our anniversary and reminisce about the beautiful October day we shared.  I can't wait to share it with our family and treasure the memories we made on that day and have made since.  I can't hang every image from our wedding on every wall in our place (I wish I could but it would literally be floor to ceiling chaos...), but being able to have a tangible form of our wedding day with us always is something I will treasure.

In fact, it is the only tangible memory from a day I wish I could hold onto forever.


There is a study that states that kids who grow up in a house with family photos feel more secure and also have more successful relationships as they grow.  I think the same is true for adults.  Walking past walls of photos that feature you and your partner/spouse/significant other, family, friends or pets can't help but make for a more joyful environment. 

Print those pictures.  Create those albums.  Cherish those memories.

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