My Why

My grandpa was an incredible artist.  His parents died when he was just a kid, so he and his sister dropped out of school and toured the country dancing during part of the 20s and 30s.  When my grandpa married my gram and they bought their first house, he had a room designated as an area where he could paint.  For just a hobbyist, he was an AMAZING painter.  Artistic expression ran through his veins. 

My grandpa died really prematurely before my mom was even born (she's the youngest of seven- my gram really had her work cut out for her).  Although he's been gone for 54 years, my gram keeps his memory alive with stories filled with love and adoration. 

Recently, my gram's health has declined.  A few years ago, we had to move her from her house to an assisted living facility that specializes in Alzheimer's and Dementia.  As we got her house ready to sell, we had to sift through her belongings.  My cousin and I waded through box after box, each dusty from years of storage.  

We found boxes loaded to the brim with photographs, some we had never seen before.  Among these pictures were several that had to have been taken by my grandpa.  A few from his tour in Italy during WWII, a few others of the family where he wasn't featured.  

I was able to see the world from his perspective, and what a gift that was.  He documented the things in his life that mattered to him, things he found important or thought provoking, moments he wanted to remember so he could recall them later.  

Maybe he would have even shared them with me.

Photographs have an immense power.  They have the ability to allow you to see the world through someone else's eyes. They document both major life events: wedding, babies, family reunions, but also the quiet moments, the everyday.

Coming across the boxes and boxes of photographs kind of left me awestruck.  My hands will document the major moments in your life that may end up in your grandchildren's hands someday.  They will fill hearts with happiness and love, and in times like these, that is an invaluable gift that I am honored to give.