Penalosa Family Photos-Baby It's Below Freezing Outside

It was cold. Real cold.1F1A0223The Penalosa Family showed up to their shoot on the coldest day of fall thus far, but that didn’t dampen their spirits one bit. They were so excited for their first ever family photo shoot that nothing, not even below freezing temps, could wipe the smiles off their faces. They’re my kind of people.1F1A0336 1F1A0044


1F1A0150The Penalosa Family consists of Susan, John, and baby girl Aria. How sweet is that name? Fun fact: Aria and my mom share a birthday. Aria will be one on December 8th, and I won’t share my mom’s age because, ya know, she’s a lady.

I asked Susan and John to describe Aria’s little personality and Susan said:

She loves her family. She’s a quiet observer in public and a dancing and talking machine at home! She loves to learn new things.”1F1A0530


1F1A0525 1F1A0249

1F1A0447 Aria’s love for her family was present and apparent at the shoot. She loved to snuggle in between shots with her mom and dad. She loves to dance to the Pink Panther theme song, and her smiles brought me smiles behind the camera because her joy is authentic and precious.1F1A0261 1F1A0281

1F1A0258Susan and John are some of the happiest people I have ever met. Their holiday plans include going to visit John’s family in California (jealous) and a trip to Vegas (can I come with?). Their energy and enthusiasm was just infectious. Like I said, it was below freezing-28 degrees, people. But John and Susan’s light hearted nature made shooting in less than warm conditions surprisingly pleasant and fun. They are the type of people you meet for the first time, and yet feel like you have known them for a long time.1F1A0286Thank you, Penalosa Family, for reminding why I love what I do.