There's Sunday and There's Monday...The Adams Family Pictures

I already wasted my lame Adam’s Family reference on my sneak peek of this adorable family, so I’ll spare you from another sub par comedic attempt.1F1A0428 Lets just cut to the chase. Spending my Saturday in Humboldt Park with this family was just awesome. Lisa and Dustin are cool as can be, and their little ones are a direct reflection of the loving household they are a part of.1F1A0119

I asked Lisa to tell me a little bit about each child, Deacon (2.5 yrs) and Evelyn (3 months!):


“Deacon loves playing outside.  There are a few playgrounds in Humboldt Park and we spend our entire summers on a blanket near some trees or at these playgrounds.  He loves watching the ducks and finding different leaves on the ground.  Just the ability to run around is high on his list! He also loves anything with superheroes (Spider-Man is his favorite), so I'm hoping we'll get him in something other than his Halloween costume for Saturday!”1F1A0171







Deacon is a sweetheart, and he is FUNNY. As I was editing the pictures from the shoot, there were a few times I stopped and smiled recalling what exactly was happening in front of the camera at that moment. At one point during the shoot, the only way we could get Deacon to stay in one spot was to incorporate a log in the picture. I’m so glad that Lisa and Dustin found this to be as charming and hilarious as I did.1F1A0335

About Evelyn: “She's an incredibly sweet baby, and so laid back, which is a vast departure from our first experience.  She's just learning to smile and loves "sitting up" so she can see what's going on around her.  Usually what's going on is her brother running from activity to activity.”







Evelyn also makes me laugh because baby girl is so quiet that you literally would forget she was even there. Not a peep! No crying! Lisa is so right, she is incredibly sweet and incredibly laid back. I love it. I also love the name Evelyn. I’m totally digging the old timey names.1F1A0114 1F1A0263


This family brightened an already bright November day. I loved every second I got to spend with….The Adams Family.


(snap snap).