An Afternoon with Alexa: Alexa Patti Senior Portraits

The first thing Alexa asked me when we began her senior portrait session was, “Do you miss high school?” And of course I was quick to respond, “Uhhhh, no. Of course I don’t.”

But then I stopped myself, thinking not about high school itself-the pressures to fit in and the anxieties about the future-but the optimism that came with being at that stage in my life. As a teenager, I felt I had the world ahead of me. Truly. The decisions that I was required to make may have been weighty, but they were good. They were exciting.

I revised my answer to Alexa’s question. I replied with something along the lines of, “I don’t miss high school per se. If I was given the chance to relive it, I would pass. I do miss what that time represented for me though. I miss some of the people from that stage of my life. I miss some of the relationships.”

I know. SSP gettin’ all deep! Alexa just knew the right questions to ask. To be honest, Alexa’s session was like catching up with an old friend. We talked about the future, the universities she was interested in attending, trips to New York; we covered it all. AND we got some gorgeous portraits on a beautiful October day to top it all off.


Alexa’s got it all figured out. Girl is looking to go into bio psych-impressive, right? She is loving Drake University right now because of the size of the school and the overall feel of the campus. I feel like no matter where Alexa ends up, the people she encounters will benefit from having her there. She is such a kind hearted, easy-going soul that will better any environment she inhabits. Good luck to you, Alexa! Enjoy this year and every year to come.