Here Comes Hailey Hinton

I love senior portrait sessions. They are full of excitement for what’s to come and celebration of what has been accomplished. The energy is just great. Hailey Hinton’s senior portrait session was no exception. Hailey showed up fresh faced and ready to go at Volkening Heritage Farm in Schaumburg this past Sunday. The weather was just perfect: beautiful September sunset with a breeze hinting at the arrival of autumn.

Hailey chose Volkening Heritage Farm because she felt that the rustic, outdoorsy feel best suited her style, and I must say I agree. There were distressed wood fences and red farmhouses a plenty. Before Hailey arrived, I walked the grounds of the farm scoping out places with the best lighting for our shoot. Volkening Heritage Farm is unique because it is essentially set down in the middle of Schaumburg, right off of Plum Grove Road. It is complete with horses, hogs, and chickens. There is plenty of material to create an interesting backdrop for a senior portrait session.

My assistant for the day:1F1A1815

Once Hailey got there, we set out to the little yellow farmhouse for our first shoot location. I asked Hailey the obligatory questions about college and found out that girlfriend finds herself in a similar situation as I did when contemplating my higher education path-whether to go urban or Big Ten. Right now, she is looking at U of I and DePaul (I was Iowa and DePaul), and so we bonded over the anxiety that accompanies picking the school that will make all of your dreams come true. I assured her that everything would turn out great as long as she chooses DePaul  no matter what. Hailey is also considering majoring in journalism, and the English teacher in me just ADORES her for that.1F1A2151Our shoot was not lacking in laughter as I got all up in Hailey’s face with my camera (as I am want to do), and climbed awkwardly on top of fences and picnic tables to get “the shot”. About 15 minutes into the shoot, as I was offering terrible verbal direction for how I wanted Hailey to pose, she effortlessly struck the exact pose I had in my mind’s eye. SHE GOT ME. She really got me. It was then that I knew that not only would her pictures turn out stunning, but also that we were going to have a real good time for the next hour and a half.1F1A1932

The results are as follows:1F1A2255





1F1A2100 1F1A2061 1F1A1962




Hailey also does some modeling in her spare time. This explains why all of her pictures look like they should be on the shopping bags in Abercrombie. Girl is gorg inside and out.


Cheers, Hailey! Here’s to a great senior year and a bright future!