Tantan the Mighty Two-Year-Old

Meet Tantan.1F1A0284 I had the pleasure of hanging out with Tantan on his actual second birthday. I met him and his parents at the beautiful Chicago Botanic Garden in Glencoe to document his second birthday celebration.1F1A0165 1F1A0201



1F1A0258Tantan has a larger than life personality. He loves to laugh and he LOVES “the wheels on the bus”. I have never met a child that cheers up at the first note of that song like Tantan. It is his jam. He knows all of the words and dance moves. He even knows the extended version where the windshield wipers get involved. It’s awesome.1F1A0300 1F1A0311


So Tantan’s dad is one hilarious guy. Photo shoots for the little ones are a lot of work, and sometimes they are just not in the mood. When Tantan started to display signs of burning out too early, Tantan’s dad, Nathan, knew just what to do.


“He likes it when I fall.” He said.


Confused, I replied, “He what?”


“It makes him laugh when I fall. Here, watch.”


And the following is the result of Nathan throwing himself on the ground off camera.1F1A0338 1F1A0353


Pure magic.









1F1A0528Tantan and his family were a joy to work with. Despite it being unseasonably SCORCHING outside, this family enjoyed every second of being together celebrating this handsome little guy’s birthday.   I love photographing families. The unconditional love and happiness that comes just from being around one another is truly inspiring, and this family was not lacking in either department, that is for sure.1F1A0447