A Few Things To Keep In Mind When Creating Your Wedding Playlist

When thinking about your wedding day timeline, you may realize a good percentage of your wedding day is spent on the dance floor, and the total fun factor of your wedding will be measured by how many people are out on your dance floor at all times.  

Therefore, it's imperative to put some thought into the dancing portion of your reception.

A packed dance floor depends on a number of things.

First, the music.  I cannot begin to describe the agony of putting together our wedding playlist.  It was fun, don't get me wrong, but the pressure of putting together a wedding playlist for all of our guests was daunting.  All of them.  From the 25 year olds to the 75 year olds.  That's a whole lot of generations with a whole lot of tastes.  

Here's the other thing.  I feel I need to be upfront with you.  We were total control freaks when it came to making our playlist because we LOVE music.  Also because we really, really did not want the run-of-the-mill wedding playlist that I hear every weekend, 40 weekends a year.  We wanted our playlist to be a unique reflection of us.  And it was.  But it came at the price of my mental health for the better part of 9 months.  I had nightmares where I was begging people to come out and dance with me.  If you know my friends or family, you know how absolutely irrational that dream is.  But, if putting together your playlist is not something you're interested in doing, you can absolutely allow the DJ or band to take the driver's seat on this one, especially if you don't have much of an opinion or idea when it comes to music.

This leads me to my next point.

Spend the money on the DJ or band.  Find one with great reviews, go watch them perform, check out their playlists, read their testimonials, and ask for references.  A good DJ will see when the party is dying down, and will know the perfect song to bring everyone back out on the dance floor based on observing the guests and being really good at knowing what appeals to specific crowds.  Same goes with a band.  A good band will be able to switch up their sets and choose the songs that seem to be hitting the jackpot with the crowd.

The other thing to remember is that your band or DJ doesn't just provide music for the reception, they also serve as your emcee for the night.  They do all of the introductions, set up all of the speeches, and make any and all announcements throughout the evening.  Their presence is known, which is another reason to interview bands and DJs carefully because their personality can really turn your guests on or off before they even press play.

You know who you are as a couple, and you know the people you are inviting to your wedding.  Find a DJ who fits your personality.  Not a "Top 40" kinda couple?  Find a band or DJ who avoids those jams.  Want more control over your playlist?  Find a band or DJ who likes to collaborate with couples on their music.  Hate line dances?  Be sure to find a DJ who is willing to nix all that.  Every band and DJ has something different to offer, just be sure to take the time to find the one that's perfect for the vibe you are trying to set for your wedding.

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