If I Could Leave You With Only This..

Recently, I reached out to a few former brides and asked them to share their best piece of advice when it comes to the whole wedding planning process.  I feel like my advice is filtered through my own wedding planning perspective, so I want to provide you with fresh perspectives to help you through this exciting and sometimes overwhelming process.



"I have two pieces of advice that helped me.  The first is to keep in mind entire mood of your wedding day is dictated by the bride and groom (and mostly bride, since so much of the day is about you). So just relax, don't let little snafu's get to you (because they are bound to happen), smile, laugh, and let the magic of the day trump everything else. Emotions run so high that a lot of brides can become snippy and upset if anything goes wrong, but just remember that everyone you love is there for you, and you are marrying the love of your life! Nothing else matters. I have personal experience with this.  It started POURING rain about 30 mins before our wedding on the beach. I rolled with the punches, moved the ceremony into the tent, and I walked down the wet beach with an umbrella instead of the sun shining on me.  Once I saw everyone I loved crowded into a tent, I couldn't help but smile.  Later, everyone told me that they were so nervous about how I would react to the weather since it was so terrible, but when they saw my huge smile they all relaxed and knew the night would be amazing regardless of the weather! And you know what? The ad hoc ceremony under the tent with 200 of our closest friends and family standing in ankle deep water ended up being the most memorable part of the night! Without the rain, it wouldn't have been as intimate and emotional. 

Along those lines...delete weather apps from your phone 1 week out from your wedding - you can't control it and it can cause so much stress if weather is dicey! Just let it go and relax."


"One piece of advice I would give to a bride is to enjoy the process of planning your wedding and your wedding day. It sounds simple and silly, but all too often brides get caught up in making others happy and doing what others want us to do.  This leads to unnecessary stress and a wedding day that isn't everything you've dreamed of. It's your day, plan and execute that day how you want it! And most of all have fun!!"


"Soak it all in. Enjoy every second of your engagement, planning and the big day itself. It may seem daunting but time will fly by and you'll miss it! I miss the excitement around it.  Don't get me wrong, married life is amazing!  But wedding planning was magical."


"I had a great group of bridesmaids, most of whom were married, and they told me to enjoy every moment of the actual wedding day. Also to control ONLY what you can control, the rest is out of your hands on your big day. Just focus on your marriage and man because he is the most important part of this whole journey!"


"Other people will give you tons of advice, but ultimately, make your own choices when planning your wedding.  Someone might say the hairstyle you want doesn't go with the wedding dress you picked, or the flowers you want aren't right for the venue, but in the end, it's your wedding, and the guests will love you and have a great time even if you don't pick the flowers or hairstyle they suggested.  Choose what makes you, and your future spouse, feel good, as you are the ones who are going to look back on the day for years to come.  And make sure to sit, eat dinner, look around, and take everything in for a few moments.  The day flies by."