How Choosing Your Wedding Planning Battles Changes Everything

Today, March 13th, 2018, seems like a good day to have a conversation about picking our battles.  This can be applied to life, love, and the pursuit of happiness, but for our purposes, let's apply it to planning your wedding.

I've heard many a bride complain about the stressors of wedding planning.  Sure, things come up, life throws you curveballs (like the time I ripped the back of my dress at my final fitting), but at the end of the day we can minimize a lot of this stress by choosing what we give our time and attention to--and by getting lots of massages.


When I meet with potential couples, I like to send them a questionnaire that asks them to think about the aspects of the day they are most excited about.  For starters, this gives me an idea of what is important to them as well as provides a roadmap on how their story should be told; but, I also tell my couples to focus on those things they, themselves, listed and let.the-rest goooo.

Remember our little convo about choosing a Top Five?  For those of you who are new, I urge my couples to choose a top five--five aspects of the day that are make or break elements of their wedding day, and to devote their time and attention to this top five list when planning.  Anything that falls outside of the top five can either get delegated to a friend or family member, or just be forgotten about entirely (trust me, no one will know it's MIA).

Read about choosing your Top Five here.


What if you and your fiancĂ© have a different top five?  Here's where you get some great practice at compromise--the cornerstone to any healthy marriage!  See all the life lessons here?!  Love it.  There are so many opportunities for fights (fights, fights, so many fights), but I urge you to pause and think about the end goal--does it REALLY matter if he wants Skittles instead of gumballs at your candy bar??  Then redirect your attention back to planning the elements of the day that make you happy.

At the end of the day, choosing your priorities and learning to let go of the rest will quiet the noise and allow you to breathe.  It is possible to have a really positive experience wedding planning, and even to, dare I say, enjoy it.

Tell me--what's in your top five??