3 Reasons To Have An Open Air Venue

Open air venues are hugely trendy in the wedding world right now, and for good reason.  They provide a super unique feel for your reception, and who doesn't love a little fresh air?  An open air venue is a venue that is set outdoors where guests enjoy dinner and dancing as the sun sets and the stars twinkle overhead.  What, pray tell, is more romantic than that?!

Now, I can hear your midwestern concerns already.  They start and end with the weather.  Here's the thing, have a plan b and you're set.  Have a tent backup plan in case the weather is not looking so promising for your day.  The easy thing about an open air venue is it very easily translates into an outdoor tent wedding with minimal headache.  You may need to put a deposit down on a tent to hold it just in case, but it is worth it for the peace of mind.  Chances are, the weather is perfect and you will not even have to use it.

Here are three reasons to have an open air venue:


1) All of the lights

Picture this: the sun is setting, the stars are out and your maid of honor is giving her speech underneath hundreds of twinkling bistro lights strung about overhead.  Candles and lanterns burn brightly in the center of your guests tables, illuminating their faces as they sit comfortably enjoying the beautiful summer breeze.  It's like Pinterest just threw up on this wedding, and no one is mad about it.  Being outdoors already makes your decor effortlessly soft and romantic, which is an aesthetic we can all get behind.

2) The pictures

I mean, I had to throw this one in there.  Your pictures are just heart eye emojis all day with an open air venue.  Obviously this is not the sole reason you should base your decision off of, but having your summer wedding outdoors just provides a mood that I want to photograph all.day.  

3) The vibe

Think of the most perfect summer night.  Think of sitting on the lawn at a summer concert, lounging around a restaurant's outdoor patio, hanging out on a rooftop enjoying a beverage.  There is a vibe that accompanies these summer activities, an ease if you will.  Perhaps the same ease you want your guests to feel at your wedding?  I'll say.  Being able to take your party outdoors is uniquely summer, making your wedding all the more memorable, and I'd bet your guests stay longer than they would have otherwise.

So there you have it.  Three of my 69473 reasons to knock down the walls on your venue.  Stay tuned for another post about things to consider when planning your open air venue.  

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