Zipple Wedded Bliss

These two tied the knot just a couple weeks ago on August 12, 2016 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin at Turner Hall Ballroom. Before we get to the great stuff, how awesome is this venue? It is a chameleon of a venue with its roots serving as home to the panoramic painters and other immigrant German artists from the late 1800’s throughout the early 1900’s. It now hosts special events, concerts, and weddings. In the bridal suite there are signatures of every musical artist that has ever performed at Turner Hall. It’s such a cool merging of rich art history meets modern day creativity. Not to mention for all those photographers out there, this place has amazing natural lighting.Beyond amazing.Like if amazing were to mate with heavenly, their love child would be the light emanating from those windows.I digress.

Back to the great stuff. These two. Where to start? Their traffic-stopping-good-looks or their sweeter than sweet personalities? Perhaps I should start with their ability to throw the party of the century? Or maybe I should go with the wonderful people they seem to surround themselves with (I’m looking at you bridal party)? Seriously,

Start with Audra, you say?I think Turner Hall was actually made in the 1800’s with the idea that Audra Walker would one day get married in it. Everything about Audra Walker belonged in Turner Hall on August 12th. She carried herself with the classic elegance of Grace Kelly, but girl has a personality that doesn’t quit, which complimented the venue exquisitely. Audra was a bride that took your breath away but then gave it back to you to make sure you could laugh and sing the night away.Then there’s Nate. Nate and Audra could not be a better balance for each other. Audra is outgoing, hilarious, and has energy for days and Nate is reserved, also hilarious, with an easy-going demeanor. The whole time we were doing their pictures, these two were joking, laughing, and just having the time of their lives.Their beautiful ceremony perfectly showcased the types of people Audra and Nate are with readings by friends and family, a live singer, and the sweetest of vows.As soon as the ceremony was over, Audra and Nate stole away for a few moments to their get-away car. The rain even broke for the quick newlywed joy ride.

Audra and Nate are dearly, dearly loved by the people in their lives.  This became very apparent during the best men and maids of honor speeches.  Both laughter and tears were shared by all.

After dinner, the newlyweds shared their first dance, followed by Audra and her dad and Nate and his mom.My favorite part of the entire night consisted of Audra, Nate, and light up shoes. Lots of brides opt for a more comfortable pair of kicks for the reception, but few brides have ever busted out light up music note shoes to wear while busting a move. Further, even fewer (read: none) grooms bust out a matching pair of said light up shoes. But Audra and Nate set the trends. All of a sudden, the dance floor clears and guests circle up around the bride and groom whose feet are lighting up every color of the neon rainbow with every step they took. This made my night complete.Congrats you two! I hope each day of wedded bliss is sweeter than the one that came before it.