It's the In-Between Moments...


He grabs her and goes in for a kiss, and right before their lips meet, she laughs.  Because she laughs, he can’t help it but to laugh too.  Unplanned, unposed laughter.  It’s beautiful and it’s spontaneous and it is everything I could hope for as a photographer.

For me, it’s all about the “in between” moments.  It’s about capturing the deep breath the groom takes as he hears his bride’s processional music start to play, knowing it will be merely seconds before she walks down the aisle.  It’s about capturing the tearful embrace shared between the maid of honor and the bride as she wishes her luck just before the ceremony starts.  It’s about capturing the sweet kiss between the bride and groom right after the ceremony has ended as they steal their first moments to themselves as newlyweds.  

The best story is told in those micro moments.  Those “in between” moments, as they say.  Of course, the big moments are important too: the first kiss, the “I Dos”, the cake cutting-but there’s more to a marriage than just the big moments.  In my opinion, the quiet, simple, unboastful moments are the ones that make your story unique.

I second shot this beautiful wedding alongside Robb Davidson @ Robb Davidson Photography.

Shelly Shimon