Happy Holidays from Hunter James

What could be merrier than images of a 6-day-old baby decked out for Christmas?1F1A0120 1F1A0059



Not much.

Perhaps you could make the argument that Hunter’s brand new parents are just as merry, and these pictures would prove you right.1F1A0428These people right here are the Velascos: Kelly, Rob and baby Hunter James. And man oh man, do they get along just famously.

Kelly and Rob are wonderful people; which translates into being wonderfully loving parents. I swear to you, Kelly was truly made to be a mother. There is nothing unnatural or nervous about her in her new role.  She is in her element. She is so in tune with Hunter, it is truly a beautiful bond to witness.1F1A0142The transition into becoming parents for the first time is probably one of the biggest transitions a human undergoes in life. I asked Kelly what it was like the first few days being home with Hunter and she said:

It’s funny. I went to take him for a walk in the stroller yesterday and as I was pushing the stroller I looked inside and thought, “You’re mine. This baby is mine.” It really is a crazy thing.1F1A0117

 Rob, or “The Baby Whisperer” as I came to call him, is equally as cut out for fatherhood. This little guy is his partner in crime already. When Hunter is with Rob, he is calm and comforted. Hunter loves Rob’s voice, and is instantly soothed by the sound of his father talking.1F1A0189When I first talked to Kelly, she knew her due date was December 3rd, which is now Hunter’s birthdate. We talked about doing a Christmas themed newborn shoot, but Kelly had one other idea as well.

Rob is a fireman in Schiller Park. Kelly wanted to somehow incorporate Rob’s fire fighting gear into a picture with Hunter. **Fun fact: Hunter, in his entirety, can actually fit into the helmet right now. Crazy, right?** Coming from a family of firemen (and a few fire chiefs), I thought that this would be a really awesome photograph that the family would cherish forever. How positively sweet is this photo?1F1A0331Towards the end of the shoot, the doorbell rang. It was Kelly’s grandmother, dad, and great aunt, coming to meet Hunter for the first time. At first, Kelly apologized for the inconvenience, but I saw it as an awesome opportunity to capture an extremely sentimental moment. Hunter is the first grandchild on both sides, which makes him the first great grandchild as well. He’s kind of a big deal.1F1A0291 1F1A0284

1F1A0290After the family left, I wanted to get just a few more of the brand new family.1F1A0397 1F1A0458




1F1A0403I cannot wait to spend this next year documenting Hunter’s growth, and I consider it a huge honor to have been invited to capture such a monumental moment in the lives of Kelly and Rob. The holidays really will be joyous as the Velascos celebrate their lives, loves, and family.1F1A0012