As If I Needed Another Reason to Love the Michalsens

I showed up on Sunday to be greeted by this face. As if I needed another reason to love the Michalsens.1F1A4946 I absolutely LOVE documenting babies in their first year because the growth between each session is amazing. The first year really does fly by, and when you look back on previous shoots, it is kind of mind blowing that they were ever a newborn.


Newborn Baby Becks


Beckett, 3 months

When we were first brainstorming for this shoot, Meredith mentioned that she would like to have it outside, as it would be October. We all know nature in October is hands down the best ever. Anyone that knows me, knows that planning a fall shoot is as good as hearing the first few beats of “Benny and the Jetts” come on the radio with just enough time left in the drive to roll the windows down and fumble through the words of the entire song. Needless to say, I was so excited.


Pumpkins, apples, firewood, and Baby Beckett in a basket: perfect ten, if you ask me.








Side note: every time I visit the Michalsens in Belvidere, I am tempted to uproot my city lovin’ self and move it out to where the cows roam free and where this is the view from your backyard everyday. It is GORGEOUS out there. I really love it.1F1A4684

Beckett was a dream to work with, as usual. This little guy is full of smiles. I mentioned in my first blog that the love that Beckett has for his parents is automatic.  It was precious to see Beckett interacting with Meredith and Brian at this session. When they talked to him, he would search for their face and smile. You couldn’t help but smile right along with him. Also, he finds Brian super entertaining. Brian’s got all the tricks. He knows just how to pull a smile out of little Becks.1F1A4637







1F1A5051Finally, it came time to head back inside. We had one more outfit we wanted to try, but first I need to give you a little context.

At 7 pm the night before, I received a text from Meredith asking if I owned a pair of baby glasses, to which I replied no, but maybe that is a prop I should invest in somewhere down the line. She offered no explanation past that, but needless to say, I was intrigued.

When I arrived at their house, I asked what the baby glasses were for, and she told me that they wanted to try and recreate a baby picture of Brian’s. In Brian’s picture, he is decked out in Cubs gear wearing a pair of Harry Caray glasses. Although we didn’t have the glasses (they are actually harder to find than you may think…come on Amazon, get your act together) we did our best to recreate the picture, and I snuck a few more shots in with Brian and Becks (cutest Cubs fan of all time). I envision many Cubs games enjoyed by these two in the future.1F1A5325 1F1A5212


1F1A5078I can’t wait to see this little guy grow, and am so excited to see the changes six months bring. You guys are just the sweetest family there is.