March Edition

So I was back up on my roof with slightly different weather conditions this month. IMG_2770


On February 16th, I could barely stay on my roof for more than five minutes.  I took a few shots on the roof and then my trigger finger stopped working...

March 16th was a different story.  It was 65 degrees AND it was 6 pm AND the sun had yet to set.  This is exciting stuff.  Although I have lived in the midwest my entire life, and the city of Chicago for seven years, I always forget that after winter comes spring, and I find myself pleasantly surprised the first day those temps rise into the 60s.  Midwestern seasons really do instill some solid values into the humans who have to endure them such as: optimism that spring WILL come (even though there are days when you want to find that groundhog and make it cry for its mother), gratitude for the warmer weather seasons, and flexibility in dealing with the changes that come with the seasons (seasonal affective disorder, allergies, sunburn (always on my mind), etc.).  As much as I curse the midwest and threaten to move to the west coast EVERY winter, I know that at the end of a brutal season comes sunsets like these, long walks to the dog beach, street fests, outdoor concerts, Cubs games, bike rides, and rooftop views like these.



Those of you who are reading my blog for the first time, these pictures are a part of a series I am working on called "Up on the Roof".  You can read more about my project here:

IMG_2796These shots even look warmer, right?!



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