Up on the Roof

The Chicago skyline always knocks my socks off, and I'd argue that the view from our rooftop is one of the best in the city. IMG_2509


When we first moved in, I had this romantic idea of sipping coffee shop lattes and basking in the sun while my well trained dog slept soundly under my chair.  Well, a year passed and Caribou Coffee closed, I get a sunburn sitting in the shade, and Ferdie is cute...

But today I was struck with this new idea for a project that would get me up on the roof at least once a month capturing one of my favorite views of the city of all time.

The idea is that I will climb up to the 7th floor on the 16th of each month and snap a shot of the skyline at sunset.  I will do this for one year so that at the end of it all, I will have a print of the skyline at the same time of every month.  The backdrop will change as the seasons come and go, and the sunsets will go from blue and purple to magenta and crimson, but the Chicago skyline will remain unchanging.

And all of that climbing and picture taking will obviously require a nap afterwards.