Why You Need to Hire a Photographer for Your Proposal

So you've decided to pop the question.  You have the ring, you have the date, and now people are telling you you should hire a photographer.

Outside of the obvious reasons to hire a photographer to capture your proposal (all the memories), a photographer can be a really phenomenal tool to utilize when it comes to the planning of the proposal.


Think about it--as a photographer, I've shot more than my fair share of proposals in my day.  Especially in a city as big as Chicago, it helps that I know some of the most popular proposal spots, but also some of the more off the beaten path locales as well.  I know the busiest times of day, the times of day with the best light, and the times of day to avoid altogether.  I know some good strategies (read excuses) to get your partner out the door and headed to the location, and I've got some great prepared answers for when they ask one million questions like:  Where are we going?  Why are we going this way?  Why do you need to make one stop before dinner?  I know the best ways to communicate beforehand and on the day of, so you're significant other doesn't a) catch on or b) think you are cheating on him/her.  WHO DO YOU KEEP TEXTING?! 

Think of it as not just hiring a photographer, but also a coordinator, party planner, and life coach all in one.  A life coach that also captures one of the happiest days of your life.  So the best kind of life coach. 

There are a lot of moving parts to planning a proposal.  I want to help you plan one of the most memorable moments of your life, and then capture it from start to finish.


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