The Photographer's Argument For Engagement Sessions


I've noticed an interesting trend lately with couples shying away from doing engagement photos.  Years ago, the engagement photo was the standard way to announce your engagement.  You would go to a photographer's studio, sit on a stool, say "cheese!" and the photographer would snap the shot you'd then send into the local paper letting everyone know you were off the market (I find that to be such a gross phrase, but hey, times were different).

Then, engagement photo sessions evolved, social media was born, and instead of mailing them into the newspaper, people started posting to their accounts.  

Then people started using their engagement photos for Save The Dates, favors, and even centerpieces and decor at their weddings.

There was even a trend where couples were hiring videographers to make short feature films as a way to announce their engagement.


But in recent years, many couples have decided to axe the session altogether for reasons that I can totally sympathize with, but I do have an argument for not giving them the boot entirely.

Let's say you or your partner doesn't LOVE having your picture taken.  Here's the thing, I get it, I hear you.  I am a bird of the same feather, friend.  What I do know?  I know that the only way to conquer fear is to face it, OR to have a photographer that makes you feel really comfortable and confident.  Your wedding photographer should "get it".  You are definitely not the first shy guy they have worked with, and they should know how to make you feel comfortable so that your session can feel easy, effortless, and dare I  Here's the other thing--and I know we don't like to think about this--but imagine that your photographer doesn't make you super comfortable.  Wouldn't you rather find that out during a far less meaningful session than on the day of your wedding when your nerves and emotions are already on high?  The answer is yessssss.  So much yes.  Then you can feel empowered to do something about it and find yourself a different photographer that you click with so much more.  Pun intended.


Let's say you're not into sharing your photos, don't have social media, and want to use a different image for your Save the Dates.  That's cool, I hear you on this one too (spoiler--none of the reasons are going to stump me).  But having pictures of the two of you from a really specific and exciting time of your life are never a waste.  I treasure every picture I have of my parents together--especially from the early days of their relationship because I didn't know them then.  It is so cool to look back on the photos and imagine what they pictured their lives would be like 20 years from when that image was taken--and that has nothing to do with likes, other people, or Save the Dates.

Let's say you just find them cheesy.  Yep, I've seen my fair share of cringeworthy engagement photos, but hear me you really not trust your photographer to take non cheesy pictures of the two of you?  Because if you doubt in their abilities, it's time you got yourself a shiny new photographer.  If you're concerned about your engagement photos, what is going to change about your wedding photos?  I'll tell you...not much.  Same photog, different day.  Find a photographer whose style you LOVE and you won't mind having a few extra pretty pictures of the two of you lying around the house. 

And let me just close with, as a photographer, I really love engagement sessions because it allows me a little extra time to get to know you guys as a couple, so that I can tell the story of your day, relationship, and personalities as perfectly as you deserve.  

Any readers out there who were on the fence and decided to do an engagement session, and are so happy that they did?  Let us know in the comments!