Popp St. Patrick's Day Wedding

When Maren first reached out to me and told me they were planning a Milwaukee St. Patrick's Day wedding, I knew this was the perfect wedding for me to shoot.

Fun fact, Morgan and Maren actually got engaged the same exact day Matt and I did.  It's like we were meant to work together or something.

Upon meeting Morgan and Maren, you can tell that their relationship is grounded in a great friendship.  They seem like they are in their element when they are around each other, which makes photographing them pretty easy to do.  

And their easy going attitude weaves its way through their bridal party as well.  Everyone was so laid back and genuinely happy to be spending the day celebrating Morgan and Maren.

Funny story, Maren really wanted to go to Milwaukee's City Hall building and get a shot on the winding staircase.  We got to City Hall around 5:45, but the doors were already locked because they closed at 6.  One of the groomsmen yanked so hard on the door that it opened, and he led the way right on into the building only to be stopped by a security officer.  Maren, in her wedding dress, politely asked the officer if she could take one picture, one picture, on the staircase, to which he replied absolutely not.  Then I stepped in, because I have zero shame when it comes to getting things done for my clients, and managed to get him to say yes to letting us up only one flight of stairs.  Meanwhile, an employee was watching this all go down.  He came out from behind his desk and said that he had the PERFECT special location for wedding pictures, and that we should follow him upstairs, much to the security guard's chagrin.  

He led us upstairs and through some pretty intimidating heavy wood doors, tooooooooooooooo--a courtroom?

Morgan and Maren, being the awesome people they are, totally rolled with it.  And we got my favorite picture of the night.

The party took place at Best Place at the Historic Pabst Brewery, which seems very fitting for St. Patrick's Day shenanigans.  Everyone ate, drank and danced the night away, and then Morgan and Maren rounded off the celebrations with a honeymoon in Ireland.

SlΓ‘inte Morgan and Maren!

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