Talking Wedding Decor Inspiration with Rosewater Decor

There are SO many places to get wedding decor inspiration these days, and the endless search can be overwhelming.  That’s why I decided to invite Kristin and Brooke from Rosewater Decor to chat about wedding trends for 2018, ways to customize your venue to reflect your personal style, and who they’d choose to officiate their wedding in an alternate universe.  Grab your coffee and cuddle up, this is a post you don’t want to miss!

Hey chicks! First off, tell us a little bit about yourselves.  How did you meet and what inspired you to start Rosewater Decor?

Kristin : I am a labor and delivery nurse. I've always had an interest in all things beautiful: art, calligraphy, flowers, clothes-you name it.  I get my creativity from my mother.  Brooke and I met in nursing school.  Rosewater all started when Brooke and I started making signs for your wedding. We realized oh...we should actually DO this. And so it began.

Brooke- Haaaay! Im Brooke (sister to the infamous Shelly Shimon Photography) I am an emergency room nurse. I first met Kristin in nursing school.  I awkwardly walked up to her and asked for her phone number so we could be friends during our summer internship. There was a moment of silence after I asked.  It was v brutal.  I guess you're not supposed to walk up to someone and ask for their phone number the first time you speak. But HEY! Look at us now! We started Rosewater after making a bunch of decorations for Shelly’s wedding.  When people started seeing the pieces we made for her wedding, they began inquiring about pieces for their own weddings and events, and we were like, "Hey, wanna start a business together with no personal knowledge on how to run one? K, great lets do it!"

How would you describe your personal style?

K-couch potato boho rustic

B- My style… hmm. My style screams, "I'm not sure if she's homeless", or, "I'm athletic and workout all the time… but actually don't", or, "wannabe biker/wannabe Stevie Nicks." So, idk. I guess depends on the day.

How does your personal style influence Rosewater Decor?  What materials do you love to work with?

K- It influences it 100%.  I love light and almost ethereal: white and light greens and pinks. All natural and earthy. Wood is my favorite thing to work with.

B- We both have very similar style. We are all about the rustic look right now. Love using stained wood and taking old materials and refinishing them into something new and trendy.

What are some 2018 wedding trends you are most excited about?

K-It seems that rustic weddings are on the rise. Wood signs, mason jars and barns are a huge thing right now. People see things on Pinterest and ask us to make them. We do whatever they ask!

B- DIY weddings.  DIY is such a fun way to take every girl's dream wedding and find a way to bring it to life! We have had all sorts of requests, most being centered around the rustic vibe, which we are obsessed with.

What is one wedding trend you wish would go away?

K-Cowboy boots

B- the garter dance…. I guess its not really a trend, but let's face it--EVERYONE in the room is deeply uncomfortable watching it.

When you attend a wedding, what elements of the decor catch your attention?

K- The venue environment. I'm all about natural environments. Large trees, twinkling lights, white flowers with greenery everywhere. Makes me think of a Midsummer Night's Dream.

B- I agree with Kristin, I love the venues. I think it says a lot about the person’s style. And ~*all of the lights*~ LOVE lights.

What are your favorite color trends this year?

K-Light pink, gold and white are huge right now, however I think my favorite is white with light green accents from natural greenery.

B-I love the greenery with accents of color. I am a big fan of the earthy tones, especially with bridesmaid dresses, I think it compliments the bride so well. V glad that bright turquoise, silk, big sleeved dresses are out…. Sry mom.

If you could have your dream wedding anywhere, where would it be and how would it look?

K-Dream wedding...ok, here we go. My dream wedding would be on a large plot of land with huge trees and rolling hills. I would get married under a large tree with lanterns hung on every branch. My reception would be under a large clear tent with a white and black checkered dance floor. Eucalyptus and greenery entwined with twinkly lights would be strung up all over the top of the tent. White flowers with succulents in the center of each table with more lanterns and wood decor scattered throughout. I want long wedding tables for guest to face each other. My bridesmaids will also be wearing white dresses. Not sure about the guys yet, but I'm thinking no jackets with suspenders. For food I want to have some food trucks; maybe one Italian, one sushi, and one with dessert (I know strange combo).  Clearly I haven't thought about it at all.

B- Do you guys have time for this one? When I think of the place I'm happiest, I think of the lake. I grew up going to the lake with my family almost every weekend.  Just thinking about the lake makes me happy. Thats where I want to get married. I want my dream wedding on a beach on a warm summer night. The reception would also be on the beach with dinner in a big white tent covered in lights, LOTS of lights. Then dancing and music outside under even more string lights (I know, I'm obsessed.)  I would have a bonfire in the sand outside, along with bags games with a bunch of other laid back, fun games. I want wild flowers everywhere. I want the whole wedding vibe to be fun and laid back. I would do a buffet of food (TBD) a HUGE dance floor (if you guys saw any pics from Shelly’s wedding, you understand why) Most of all, I want a memorable night surrounded by all of our loved ones.

Are you a wedding cake kinda girl or would you opt for a non traditional dessert?

K- I personally don't really like cake, I'd rather have a bunch of little pastries and a small cake.

B- No cake. I'm not a cake person. I just want a table of all different desserts, maybe even some desserts I grew up eating made by my family members. Give the people some options.

If you could have anyone in the world officiate your wedding, dead or alive, who would it be and why? 

K- Come on. The man himself…. Jesus (go big or go home)

B- Easy. Steve Buscemi… i have no reason behind why Steve Buscemi.  None. But yeah. Steve.

Tell us a little about Rosewater Decor.  What types of decor are your specialty?  How long does it typically take to order from you?  What materials do you use?  Can brides place custom orders?

 We are a little business. Just two friends who love to make things. We make almost everything out of wood. Majority of our signs are wooden signs stained and then we write on them.We make custom orders for anyone who asks! Custom orders are often our favorite.

Do you guys offer rentals?

We have never, but we are starting to think about that with wedding season right around the corner and demand for rentals being so high.

And finally, where can people find you if they would like more information?

 You can email us at

Follow us on Instagram @rosewaterdecor

And for an exclusive offer for SSP readers, Kristin and Brooke are offering 15% off on any custom order through next Friday!  Just type in code SSP15 at checkout!

Thanks so much gals!